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Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Wiinds of change...

Time passes...

Well, it's time to talk again about THOSE projects. You know them, you dont?

Do you remember NEAR?
"New Environment Applied to Reality"
Before E3 '06 I was talking about a new secret. This secret was one of (project) NEAR's ideas. So, as I said you, this secret was in the controller and was about Environment. And you know, after the E3 '06 you had view this secret of NEAR... don't you know what I'm talking about? It's easy, this was the NEAR's secret:

Yes, that thing above the "1" and "2" buttons is the NEAR's secret I was talking. With that, the sound is more near to you. Sound is part of the environment of a game. This is one of the ideas of NEAR project.

And now, how this will change the way you play games?
Imagine you're playing Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. When you charge your shoot, you will hear that sound in your hand, in your controller.
Imagine "Wiintendogs". When the dog is far to you, you will hear the barks in the TV, but, when the dog is near to you (you're touching it) you will hear the barks and growls in your controller.

Amazing, isn't it? In some way, and, as I said, you will touch the things, you will touch the sounds in the air. Touch the air... remember that? yes, this is certainly the secret of NEAR. And this will change the environment of the games more than 5.1 audio.

And more than that. This will be part of the gameplay. A little creativity of the developers and you will interact with the sounds of the controller. They can make "audio-games".

You know, it will be too revolutionary.

And now, let's talk about another project. You've heard about Project Reality. The Project that begun with the N64. The ideas of the Project Reality are a great source for the Project RS. Remember what RS is? It's Reality Simulation.

With RS, you will have this Reality Simulation, and the capabilities of the controller of the Wii are the big part of this project.

And yes my friends, this is being a great success in the gaming industry...

more is coming.


Saturday, November 11, 2006

Launch is near...

Hello friends, Nintendo's new console is to launch in just over a week. We have had a long and taxing wait. Rumours circulating with Mr. Inc, RTR, Kiyoshi, BoredTraveler and many more. I don't know if the Wii is what you hoped it to be but... It's been a great journey. In the last few months it has been painful and as I live in the UK the wait isn't over for me yet. All those secrets of better graphics, projection, movie games. All supposedly true. All lies. Lies to ammuse the liar. Made up to see the reaction. Possibly they enjoyed seeing us squeal, possibly they were just bored, like us. Some of them meant no harm, some of them did. In some ways the rumours made me and possibly you overhype the Wii. But I always remember one thing. Nintendo do know what they are doing. So even if I have overhyped the Wii I still think that Nintendo are doing the right thing, even if I can't see it yet. We've got a big year next year with Smash Bros., Mario, Disaster, Project H.A.M.M.E.R. But I'm getting off my point, Nintendo are incredible, you only have to look at games like Super Mario Bros. 3 and Zelda: Ocarina of Time to notice that. Whatever they are doing is a wonderful thing. And don't let bloggers that are telling lies overshadow that. Wii is the video game future. And remember one thing... We have to go through all this in five years time...

Until then... Or maybe sooner, Goodbye,

Ninty Fan

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Reality Simulation


Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Success of Mario

For weeks, there is a Game in Japan: New Super Mario Bros. Also, in America and Europa. Mario is great. Mario is the greatest icon in the videogames. And, of course, Mario will keep going on..

Go Mario! Go!
Wii Have The Revolution

Friday, August 25, 2006

Wii are coming

Nintendo Press Confrence September 14th 2006

On the day of the Leipzig Games Convention Matt Cassamassina of IGN posted a new article on his blog:

As you can Matt has recieved an invitation to a Nintendo press confrence on September 14th of this year. We can only presume that this is where we will find out about the price, release date, final secrets and more games. I am dead excited. Only a couple of weeks to go too...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Questions about PR and RS and the "Secret"

I've received a mail from a Guy that likes a lot all that wii-stuff. Let's see and answer his questions. My text is not bold.

Well it seems that you've finally made a new post. Really it's about time. Didn't know when you'd finally make a new one. Sadly in waiting so long I think you lost all you user and fan base. But hey I'm still here haha. Checked the site everyday.

Anyways if you don't mind could you answer a few questions and send me an email back. Thx.

ok, let's see the questions.

What is Project Reality? Is it the N64 or was the N64 apart of that project? Is the project still going on today?

Ok, PR or Project Reality was the project of the N64 (Ultra Nintendo) development. In that time, the consoles of Nintendo were 2D, so, Nintendo wanted to have a console that feels more as "the reality". So, what this project had as idea? well, I can say you two things: 3D Graphics and Analog Controllers.
With 3D Graphics, Nintendo wanted to create a console with visual aspect as the reality (3D).
And, with Analog Controllers, you could control the games with analog movements and not with digital buttons. The Controller of the Wii is, of course, a new level of this Project.
Besides, Nintendo wanted to make to feel the games, so, the first creation of this was the rumble pack: feel the games with vibrations.
These project continued with other names, with other levels, with new ideas. And, with the time, the project of RS come to development...

What is RS? You said it as "Reality Simulation" and I never quite understood what that was. Could you explain to me about everything you know about RS?

OK, with the explanation of Project Reality, you can understand more what RS is. RS is, of course, Reality Simulation. With this project, you can have a new controller and a new way to play: the wii controller. This is a controller with Real 3D Movement, gyroscopic and pointer functions. So, when you play a game with the Wii (Tennis for example), the way that you will play with the console will be a simulation of the reality. So, you can see clearly that Wii-mote is the great development of the Reality Simulation, also known as Revolutionary System. But, other ideas come with RS besides the Wii-mote.
Other projects were involucrated, as the project of the speaker in the Wii-mote. With that, you have a new Environment of gaming, talking about sound capabilities. But, with time, you will discover what you can have with this simple project, simple but powerful and innovative.

I missed the whole Mr. Inc site thing and such so all I really know about him is he started the No End Soon. Could you feel me in on all he said about the Wii or Revolution at the time, the No End Soon game, or anything else?

Well, you didn't lost too much (XD). The unique important thing is that, maybe, he knew about the speaker in the middle of the controller of the Wii some weeks before people saw it for first time. He's supossed to be working in an european studio and they're developing "No End Soon" Game. They talked about some info about that game and what to expect of Revolution (now Wii).

Finally we all know there are secrets left to the Wii. But not being told. Could you tell me any large, small, and megaton secrets that Nintendo has yet to reveal with us that you might know?

Ok. Let's see. I know that there's secrets about the Virtual Console and online capabilities. Some of this info will be available when the first Wii is working with online connection (may be the first to know will be IGN).
Now, almost all is about games. But the Wii still have a secret. I will talk about what I think this secret is, in the next days.
But, if you read the first answers, I know you can say: "ey, if the Wii-mote is the next level of that part of the Project, what about the other parts?". ;)

Thx for making such a great site and glad to have you posting again. If you want to include these answers on your site it's perfectly fine with me. And in your response tell me if I can include it on my site. I know you aren't an nsider but I think you have connections so I'm curious to here what you know cause you speak a lot of interesting things. Thx.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

specs of saruwatari appeared in USA Today

So, maybe Saruwatari isn't wrong after all, but I hope that somebody can confirm these were the numbers that sitoshi posted originally.

"The Broadway processor is clocked to 729 MHz. It has 96 KB L1 cache and 256 KB L2 cache.

The Hollywood graphic processing unit is clocked to 243 MHz with totally 27 MB graphics memory.

The RAM memory will be 64 MB of very fast GDDR3 memory.
-Sitoshi Saruwatari (01-08-06)

and, if all is right, two wiiks after:

"More rumours about a possible November launch date for Wii. Publishing an interview with NOA president Fils-Aime, USA Today posted the following spec sheet, including information about CPU and GPU clock speed, RAM and launch month:
Nintendo Wii
Processor: 729 MHz IBM Broadway
Graphics card: 243 MHz ATI Hollywood
RAM: 88 MB
Launch date: November 2006
Price: Under $250
In the interview itself, there is no mention of tech specs or a specific launch date, only this:
What can you tell us about timing and price?

We're well on our way to sharing all of that information with our retailers and our licensees. We'll be sharing that information publicly later on.

The tech specs are in line with what was to be expected and may well be real. November is the most likely month as well."
nintendo wii definitive speculation blog (15-08-06)

Wii won't be a powerful machine. The price will be cheap, it will be launched in the first wiik of November.

The Revolution is coming


¿The Price?

Since last rumours, you've asked wich will be the price of the Wii.

Well, let´s leave Japan for a moment and let's talk about America.

The price here wil be $199
Yes, as the past home-consoles of Nintendo, the price will be too cheap.
Not 170, not 230... The Price is practically in the middle: 200 dollars.
Or, at least, this is the info that I have... But I'm pretty sure that it will turn true.

And, in Japan, the price of the Wii will be around the 20,000 yens.
Yes, you've reed the price of 19,800 yens... I'm not sure if this will be the price in Japan, but at least, it's nearly.

And, the Launchment Day?
In a fewr days, you will know...

Do you have 600 dollars and you don't know what to do with all that money?
Buy a PS3? Nooo! Buy the Wii60 Combo? Nooo!
Here's the best option (or at least, one of the combinations of the best option):
Wii Console: 200 dollars
10 NES Games: 20-30 dollars (aprox)
10 SNES Games: 50 dollars
7 N64 Games: 70 dollars
3 Wii Games: 150 dollars
Accesories: 100 dollars
Have much more fun than a PS3 (without games) or than a XBox 360 with the same money: It's Priceless XD


Interview with Kiyoshi Saruwatari

2 months ago, I asked Saruwatari for make him some questions. He accepted. But, the 2nd part of the interview wasn't answered. So, I will post only the first questions. If you reed the interview with osoko tanaka that I have, you can see many same questions.

2006/6/11, Link Tortus :

Hi "Kiyoshi"!
Here is TorTus.
Sorry if my english isn't too good. ;P I hope you can understand me well.
I like your attitude, now, we will see if you can approve the quality tests
(XD). Here wii go!

-First of all, are you working inside Nintendo? why a Nintendo Insider is
blogging info of the Wii?

Yes Im working at Nintendo. I think it's wrong of Nintendo to keep all information to try and build up hype. I want to give more information to all the loyal fans that just want something to talk about. But I only give info on patented things so Nintendo wont suffer from it.

- If you're a Ninty's employed, how the hell can you post all that info? It's too
much info for a Nintendo's employed (who are always very busy) You surely have a lot of work. And maybe you're watched. Don't?

Yeah, I could be watched but noone inside Nintendo (except me) known who I am. Because Kiyoshi Saruwatari is not my real name and I use special software to hide my IP. And it's not too much info for a Nintendo employee, most of us know a lot on Wii.

-Have you met Reggie or Matt in person? do you speak or chat with 'em?

I haven't met Matt but I've met Reggie several times. We dont really know each other well, but he's very friendly and has much humor. I've met Miyamoto and Iwata more times and Miyamoto is really nice to just sit down and chat a little about everyday life.

-If you finish as a fake when Nintendo reveals all about Wii, what will you

I wont finish as a fake. But if I was a fake I would tell all of you right now and then close my blog.

-PS3 and 360 will have great graphics... very, very beautiful graphics. Will
Wii have the same quality of graphics as KillZone 2, Gears of War, Elder
Scrolls, Sonic the Hedgehog?

Im not really sure how good all those games look, but if they look as good as the rest of the PS3 and Xbox 360 games - no Wii will not look as good. But it will come very, very close and this is amazing with its $199 price tag and size.

-Oh, I reed another developer studio
(not HAL) is developing Super
Smash Bros Brawl. And you said that HAL is developing SSBB... to who
will we believe? to Nintendo or to you?

This is embarrasing because I think you have corrected me on this one. The correct fact is that SSBB will be developed by Sora Ltd. The head for the company and also the director of SSBB is Masahiro Sakurai, who used to be a large name of HAL, but quit a while ago. So you can see where the misstake was made.

-Which was the name of the project that had the ideas and development
studios of the Wii-mote?

The name was 自由, which mean free.

-When was the idea of the Wii-mote became to be used on Wii? I know that
Iwata talked about a date, and I know too that some ideas are in development
for years. But, about what Iwata said… which one is the RIGHT date (not only
the one that Iwata said): mid 2004, last 2004 or begins 2005? Who was the
one that exposed the idea of the controller?

That would be mid 2004, but I believe it was earlier. If you mean by exposing the unveiling it was Iwata who showed the controller to the world.

-Which was the name of the project that had the ideas and development
studios of the speaker in the Wii-mote? Btw, (month if you can) when did
Nintendo realized to put this speaker in the Wii-mote?

The name of that project was 実現することを鳴りなさい, which means something like "sound to see". Nintendo decided to use the speaker not too long ago, more precisely March 2006.

-Do you know something about Mr. Inc? He really knew the secret of the
speaker? (the secret above the buttons "a" and "b", now called "1" and "2").
The game "No End Soon" really exists?

I dont know much about him, but I believe he was a real insider. As you say, he predicted some secrets correctly, though I've never heard of the game "No End Soon" before he mentioned it.

-If you're working only in the hardware area, how do you know info about
some games?

Well, I have a large passion for games and we believe that the best way to develop great hardware is to tailer it to the software. This means that the "hardware people" tries the games and see how the ideas work really. Also, we work closely with software departements and developers to exchange information to each other how to optimise our work. Nintendo is like no other game developer. We develop our hardware for our software.

And though my connection to the Nintendo software teams I also hear a lot about what other developers are doing, and I also have presentations with them where we tell them what you can do with our hardware.

-For a moment, I will believe that you're real. What about "RS"? We can see
that may be Nintendo had something with this name. I think this is why
Ubisoft is developing a game called Red Steel (RS). What does this mean? Is
this the name of a project inside Nintendo? I got the info that RS is
"Reality Simulation", and this is the name of the project that became to
reality the DS and Wii. BTW, I want to know from your words, when did this
project (Wii-DS or RS) begun?

No, but RS used to be the codename of Wii. It was short for Revolutionairy System, before it was changed to Revolution. It was used early in the development process.

Wii and DS dont come from a single project but rather an entire philosophy that we have now adopted at Nintendo. The philosophy is to make fresh and new things that are different. And we make this with such a finish that the final hardware works great for most traditional software, as well as great new gameplay.

-What will reveal Nintendo at TGS? Will they have the Wii in this expo for
people to play it?

I dont know exactly what Nintendo will reveal since Im not in marketing, and they usually keep quiet. But I think you can expect a great deal of new things, and confirms of what I've already posted on my blog. Wii will be playable to showcase some of the new tehnology.

For the moment, this is all. I ask you to don't post this questions and
answers in your blog now, not now. May be I will do more questions based in
your answers. Well, the point is to wait to post the questions until the session is finish. OK?

But he didn't answer the other questions, so, I post 'em there.

the other questions are:

--I thought you ran away, now, I hope not, but well, I have more questions…

--so, isn't it a plan from Nintendo to build hype? are you working alone, then?

Well, and you, (an employed of Nintendo) that surely has a lot of work, have you time to post all that? and read all the comments? And reply ‘em? I see this very strange.

So, how great the graphics of the Wii can be (i.e. compared with Super Smash Bros Brawl)?

Sorry, surely I did a mistake with my english. When Nintendo said "oh yeah, we will use this free-hand controller in Revolution"?. Iwata said a date when they decided to use it...
And who said "I have this idea for the controller, it’ll be used only with one hand"?
And the idea of the nunchuck of who is?

So, Mr. Inc was a real insider, uh? the price that he said about the SDKs is correct?

And do you know any info about second and third parties games?

RS was first used by Pablo Belmonte in the ON video before all people talked about "RS" and in this moment the console was named Revolution. As I can remember. So, according to that, I can say that strongly Pablo Belmonte is an insider or had insider info.

When did begun the project of the Wii? Did it begun at the same time that the DS Project?

Besides the new secret of the Wii that you talk about in your blog, is there any other feature of the Wii that we don't know about?


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

More News coming soon

Tortus is back. I'm not dead. For the ones that chats with me in messenger, I will be back soon. For the ones that not, what do you wait? my messenger is:

And, by the way, I know you want to know more things about the Revolutionary Wii. Well, the Great Time is coming, nearly we'll be able to write more about that Revolutionary Project. And more about Nintendo, as well.

Kiyoshi Saruwatari, do you remember him, uh?
well, he has posted again in his blog: and, in the next days, I will reveal info about him. Stay alert.

When Wii will be launched? you have to wait a little more. But, the last data I got is in late october. Yes, one or two weeks before the PS3. But, this isn't the last word, so, I ask you to wait and stay alert in this blog. The "vacations" are gone.


Go, and spread that this blog will have great info soon!


Monday, June 26, 2006

Classic control option?

This is an idea for most of the games that come onto the Wii. It is that most of the Wii games will have a classic control option that instead of using the wii-mote you would control it with the classic controller. This would be good for the gamers that are scared of the wii-mote and this would make developers feel OK to make a game that only uses the classic controller. What do yout think?

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Introducing... the NEW EXPERIENCE in Entertainment

Redefine Gaming..

All togheter...

Games Evolves...

finally... something interesting

Join Revolution

Join Wii

The good old times wiill Return

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Crossbeam Studios website update

Website looks much better now but they only have a page up for Orb at the mo. But at the bottom of the screen they say that there will be soon:

Friday, June 16, 2006

Necro-Nesia or "eternal darkness wanna be?"

well this time we will be talking about spike game necro-nesia, as all you have seen, this game has taked much hate from the press since its bugs and choppy animations, but some rumours on the net speak about that the demo in e3 was not more than a gimmick of the real game and the developers wanted to see the reactions of the people.

this game in special seems like a challenging, you wonder why?, because it has a big hole to fill, a hole that eternal darkness left; all you loved eternal darkness action and puzzles and the great history with alexandra , fans wanted soo bad a sequel but they missed when silicon knights finished exclusivity with nintendo and then a hole was made, a hole that spike wants to fill, but seems hard, very hard to me.

the rumours say that the real game its a lot better than the demo, and the gameplay seems to be much larger with a lot of items and weapons to use, including some serious puzzle resolving giving the fans of eternal some great time,but at the same time, some says that the history will be taking a lot of work because its only in preliminar, and they want to give some cinematic dark history involved, time may prove if the title its worthy of being called "like eternal darkness"

Now, You're playing with Wii

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Kiyoshi Saruwatari's Wii Blog

This guy claims he's an insider for Nintendo working on the Wii. He has made some pretty big statements and said said some very tall stuff but he could be real:

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Take 2 will Join Wii

This is what Next-Gen has published:

The Wii as an additional revenue stream

Take-Two, which traditionally hasn't been a very big supporter of Nintendo's platforms, showed growing interest in the console, especially for family and sports games.

"The positive [aspect] for us is that we haven't been a big player in the Nintendo platform," said Winters. "The reception that [the Wii] received at the E3 show is one that makes us take a real strong look at it. As we grow our sports business, there are opportunities with our sports games to extend them to the Wii system, particularly if you look at baseball, where we have an exclusive arrangement, as well as some of the other sports games that would play extremely well on the Wii product.

"...And some of the 2K products will be, [that is,] have an opportunity on the Wii. It's really a late '07, '08 opportunity for us, but it presents an additional revenue stream that we didn't have before."
So, wii can hope more games of sports, this time with the titles of 2K sports series.
GTA? well, we have to wait what RockStar says. But I think that GTA can be a fantastic game in the Wii.

By the way, to all the Wii-Team members, you can read my drafts, you will found very interesting info. I will post a new draft with more exclusive info.
If you want to be a member of the Wii-Team, send me a mail to or left in the comments your mail, and you can join the ultimate Wii-Team


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Iwata speaks about the Wii-NDS Connection and Pokémon for Wii


Nintendo hopes to distribute 4 million of Wii consoles around the world before the 2006 finish, whereas other two million will be distributed before the 31 of March of 2007.

In addition to the possibility to unload demos for the DS via Wii and the WiiConnect24 service, the NDS-Wii will work similar to the interaction between the GBA-GCN, doing the paper of control in some titles, thanks to the touch screen.

And, the next title of Pokémon for Wii is named Pokémon Battle Revolution. This game will appear some time after the launch of the versions Diamond and Pearl for DS.
And there will be connectivuty between the game for Wii and the games for DS.

I've included the video of Pokémon Battle Revolution. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Wii-Team and a Investigation about Projection for Wii

Well, weolcome everybody. I'm posting again.
In my last post, I've talked about the Revolutionary Projects "NEAR" and "RS". And how the speaker in the wii-remote fits with NEAR.

As you've seen, there are new members in this blog, they are "Ninty-Fan" from England and "Chrono-Gamer" from Mexico. I hope more people to join this website. They will keep this page updated with rumours, news and speculation. All that with bases.
I'm the only one that will do updates with my own info, as I ever did and I was right (often) all this time. If someone thinks can put his own info, you have to write it as a draft first, and I will decide if this info is valid or not.

And, I've done some changes to the settings. Now, everyone can put comments, even if you don't have any blogger account. So, wii want your comments. ;)

Now, I have some Info with which you will be very interested. In the last months, I've talked with a mexican named "Yanko Heinze". We've talked about the possibility of Wii to have an projector and 3D stereoscopic vision. So, he continued with the investigation and now, he has made an very interesting article about some possibilities. I assure you a great lecture. He talks too about a patent of Wii and the fact that wii'll use a battery.

Wii battery supply in the feature - Possible explanation: An "expansion projector":

And yes, you might be interested if you see this image:

Let's the speculation begin!


Rumoured Super Mario Galaxy stuff

This was posted by the same guy that posted that HUGE ammount of rumoured info a few posts back:

It could be real but I don't know...

Monday, June 05, 2006

Rumour: Metroid Prime & Hunters 2

first to all, hi to all you, im a new colaborator here with tortus, but i will let him do all that rumors of the wii hardware, think i will be on the side of putting interesting game ideas that can be true, taking some screenshots to shed some new info or to bring something that may happen, or some video like this one:

well, what you have seen (yeah i know that many of you have already seen that...) its the intro of the metroid prime 3 e3 demo, like many you know its the ending of the prime saga and bla,bla,bla. well my point its that in the video they showed new hunters in the saga, some looking very cool, and that slightly moved in my brain and thinked....

"well, if they are going to use new hunters, seems that can be used for another hunters game"

in that moment i dont thinked too much until i analyzed another some retro answers

IGN Wii: Will Metroid Prime 3 feature an online mode?
Kensuke Tanabe: No, we have only single-player. I have also produced Prime Hunters and for that game I tried to use the Wi-Fi Connection for multiplayer. For Prime 3, I would like to concentrate more on the single-player so I decided not to implement multiplayer for Prime 3. As you know, Wii will have Connect 24, so we are thinking more about the possibility of using that functionality so that the player can get something.

ok, if that guys are saying bye-bye to multiplayer, must have a reason, after the great sales of hunters, dont seem very logical...

after some moments, it was like... "until they are backing up multiplayer because they reaally want to concentrate on him, or maybe lend another studio again to develop the game"

i know you wiil say "stupid guy, they dont put multiplayer because sucked in prime 2 or they dont give a fuc..." but, that reasons dont seem very plausible with the sucess that was hunters, and that can be a new game with the wii features that can kick @sses seriously if it is well developed.

and given that hunters its in middle of prime 1 and 2, this new hunters can perfectly fit in middle of prime 2 and 3, maybe explaining some of the new hunters history.

nintendo knows that can be a killer app, one that may be able to confront halo 3.

on another hand, it may be another time for ds, but given the wii goodies must be sufficient to put the title in the minds of gamers.

well, just think about it, i know that can be a weird idea, but think it 2 or 3 times and you will understand the point and see many possibilities.

hoping to see you later guys, remember that the things i put can be only rumors or weird things, only that i try to think about it and see if really can be, taking some facts knowed to push my ideas.

Revolutionary Projects

Well, it's time to talk again about those projects.

Do you remember NEAR?
"New Environment Applied to Reality"
And, as you can know, before E3 '06 I was talking about a new secret. This secret was one of the (project) NEAR's ideas. And, as I said you, this secret is in the controller and is about Environment. And know, after the E3 '06 you had view this secret of NEAR... don't you know what I'm talking about? It's easy, this was the NEAR's secret:

Yes, that thing above the buttons "1" and "2" is the NEAR's secret. It's logical. With that, the sound is more near to you. And yes, the sound is part of the environment of a game. This is one of the ideas of NEAR project.

And now, how this will change the way you play games?
Imagine you're playing Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. When you charge your shoot, you will hear that sound in your hand, in your controller.
Imagine "Wiintendogs". When the dog is far to you, you will hear the barks in the TV, but, when the dog is near to you (you're touching it) you will hear the barks and growls in your controller.

You can see... in some way, you will touch the things, you will touch the sounds in the air. Touch the air... remember that? yes, this is certainly the secret of NEAR. And this will change the environment of the games more than a 5.1 audio.
And more than that. This will be part of the gameplay. A little creativity of the developers and you will interact with the sounds of the controller. They can make "audio-games".

You know, it will be too revolutionary.

And now, let's talk about other project. You've heard about Project Reality in the last days. The Project that began with the N64. The ideas of the Project Reality are a great source for the project RS. Remember what RS is? It's Reality Simulation.
With RS, you will have this Reality Simulation, and the controller of the Wii is the big part of this project. But yes, there are more than the Wii-remote. I've said you "Think outside the box" because outside the box is the most important part of the Revolution.
But I wonder what is "inside the box". May be it's time to investigate this part.
If the Project Reality was about inside the box, I think the RS will take some of these researches.
But a thing is true. The RS is a great project. But there are more ideologies than these projects. And all together, are the Revolutionary Project. The DS and the Wii.

More is coming...


Sunday, June 04, 2006

Rumoured Nintendo Wii specs and info...

Rumoured Wii specs and info have been leaked onto the net though the Nintendo forums. It seems that some of it ties together with two of my last three posts. Remember this could be just a huge hoax, or this could be a Nintendo guy that put this up to give people the taste of what a revolution is coming...

Friday, June 02, 2006

ATI: Wii graphics at E3 "Tip of the iceberg"???

Apparently ATI said that what we saw on the Wii graphically was just the tip of the iceberg. Here's the link to the page:

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Nintendo patents found!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Huge amount of 'insider' info

Hi, you probably don't know me but I am now writing as well as Tortus and will keep you newsified.

Anyway a few days ago a huge amount of 'insider' info popped up on a forum. True? False? I have no idea but a lot of stuff other 'insiders' have said ties in with this greatly, but is that good or bad:

This info sounds very far fetched but would be great if true,
Ninty Fan

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Revolutionary Wiigames

- 2K Games

- Activision
Call of Duty 3
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Attacks
Spiderman 3 : The Movie
Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam

Bob Ross: The Joy of Painting

- AQ Interactive
Boxing Action (working game)

- Atari
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2

- Art Dink

- Atlus:
Mobile Suit GUNDAM
Trauma Center: Second Opinion

- Bandai /Namco:
Final Furlong Revolution
Unnamed Action Game (Bandai-Namco)
SD Gundam G Breaker
Unnamed RPG
Unnamed Game

- Banpresto
Unnamed Game

- Bizarre:
The Club

- Bioware/Pandemic

- Blitz Games:
SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Krab

- Buena Vista Games
Disney's Chicken Little: Ace in Action
Disney's Meet the Robinsons

- Capcom:
Resident Evil

- Crossbeam Studios
The Darkness

- D3 Publisher
Juego de acción sin título (D3)
SIMPLE (working game)

- Eidos

- Eurocom:
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man´s Chest

- Electronic Arts:
Madden NFL 07
Medal of Honor Airborne

- Epoch

- From Software
Action Game

- Genki

- Hudson Soft
Bomberman Land
Fighting Game

- Jaleco

Sengoku Action

- Kojima Productions (Hideo Kojima)

- Konami:
Football Game

- Kuju Interactive:
Battallion Wars Online

- LucasArts

- Majesco
Bust-A-Move Revolution

- Marvelous Interactive
Harvest Moon (con Natsume)
Bokujo Monogatari
Kawa no nushitsuri
Sim Game

- Mastiff
Mr. D. Goes to Town

- Midway:

New Side-Scroll Shooting Game
New Action Game

- Mito
Action Game
SAN-X All-star Revolution

- Nibris
Raid Over The River

- Nintendo & software partners; (Nintendo Kyoto, Intelligent Systems, Nintendo Tokyo, Game Freak, EAD, Genius Sonority, Hal Laboratory, Retro Studios):
Animal Crossing Revolution
Disaster: Day Of Crisis
(developed by Monolith Soft)
Donkey Kong (Wii)
Excite Truck
Fire Emblem Wii
Mario Kart
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
Miyamoto's New IP
Project H.A.M.M.E.R.
RPG from Camelot
Super Mario Galaxy
Super Smash Bros Brawl
The Legend Of Zelda (Wii)
The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Wii Music
Wii Sports

- N-Space

- Radical Entertainment

- Sega
Sonic Wild Fire
Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz

5 more titles

- SNK-Playmore
Metal Slug Anthology

- Spike

- Starbreeze AB

- Square-Enix:
Dragon Quest: The Masked Queen and The Tower Of Mirrors
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers

- Suda 51(Grasshopper Manufacture):

Turn IT around!!
Let's go by train!
Cooking Mama -Cooking with International Friends-

- Tecmo:
Super Swing Golf Pangya (lanzamiento)

- The Game Factory

- THQ:
Disney Pixar's Cars
Avatar: The Last Airbender

Action Game
Battle Game

- Ubisoft:
Open Season
Rayman Raving Rabbids
Red Steel
Splinter Cell: Double Agent
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

- VirtualToys

- Vivendi Universal Games

- Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Source: RevoGamers.Net

Around 100 Games announced yet.
Some titles TBA.
A good bunch of more games are in development.

Friday, April 28, 2006

W i i

will change everything